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12 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sleep

by vymtangwaw
Falling asleep may seem like an impossible dream when you’re awake at 3 a.m., but you can have more control over your sleeping patterns than you might think. Following healthy sleep habits can make the difference between restlessness and a restful sleep. Researchers have identified a variety of practices and habits—known as “sleep hygiene”—that can help anyone maximize the hours they spend sleeping, even those whose sleep is affected by insomnia, jet lag, or shift work. Sleep hygiene may sound unimaginative, but it just may be the best way to get the sleep you need in this day and age. [...]

Sleep Apnea – Dangerous but treatable condition

by vymtangwaw
What is Sleep Apnea? Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that affects millions of people around the world. Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition because it can cause the sufferer to stop breathing during sleep. It can also cause an escalation of heart condition if left untreated. Sleep apnea can occur numerous times in the course of a night with each episode lasting anywhere from10 seconds to 30 seconds, and if left unchecked, could prove fatal. Knowing sleep apnea remedial treatment could potentially save your life. What are the causes of Sleep Apnea? There are many causes of sleep apnea, [...]