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Sleep Apnea – kondisi berbahaya namun dapat diobati

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Apa Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that affects millions of people around the world. Sleep apnea adalah kondisi berbahaya karena dapat menyebabkan penderita berhenti bernapas saat tidur. Hal ini juga dapat menyebabkan eskalasi kondisi jantung jika tidak ditangani. Sleep apnea dapat terjadi berkali-kali dalam perjalanan malam dengan setiap episode berlangsung di mana saja from10 detik untuk 30 detik, dan jika dibiarkan, bisa berakibat fatal. Mengetahui sleep apnea perawatan perbaikan berpotensi bisa menyelamatkan hidup Anda.

Apa penyebab dari Sleep Apnea?

Ada banyak penyebab sleep apnea, the most common ones being smoking, consumption of excessive alcohol. Excessive body weight or obesity is another cause of sleep apnea. Chronic nasal congestion may also lead to this condition over time.

In general, sleep apnea is caused by the upper throat muscles constricting the airways when you are in a deep sleep. When the airways become constricted, oxygen is deprived to the brain and the body. In the short term, symptoms like headaches, fatigue and migraine may surface. Namun, prolong untreated conditions may lead to heart diseases, stroke and potentially, death.

Some early Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

In many cases, early sleep apnea sufferers are unaware that they have this condition. Early symptoms may include snoring, frequent headaches, occasional migraines and mild insomnia. Most sufferers only realized the severity of their conditions from their partners during bedtimes. If you become aware of a potential sleep apnea condition, seek treatment from your medical doctor as soon as possible. Your medical practitioner will conduct a sleep pattern study and evaluate if you need a CPAP machine or any portable device to deliver oxygen throughout the duration of your sleep.

In conjunction with seeking medical treatment, there are also natural remedies that can help treat this condition with considerable success. The following are some natural ways you can try on early detection of a sleep apnea condition:

1. Quit smoking
Quit lighting that tobacco not only help reduce the escalation of sleep apnea, it also prevents other deadly diseases; like lung cancer for example. On the merit of this alone, it is enough incentive to quit smoking.

2. Get an ideal weight
If you are overweight or obese, it is imperative that you shed that excessive weight as soon as you practically can. Being overweight has other detrimental conditions such as heart and coronary conditions so that is a big incentive to start an exercise regime to condition your body.

3. Change and experiment with different sleeping positions
Lying flat on your back while sleep is the worst position possible as this position encourage the closing up of your upper throat muscles and cause your tongue to slip to the back of your throat. This will give rise to the narrowing of the airways and thus restricting the free flow of oxygen that you need. Try turning onto your side and use less pillows to elevate your head. Ensure that your chin is not pushed towards your chest as this will open up the airways and encourage normal breathing.

4. Have a clean sleeping environment
Having a clean pillow and bed to sleep on is critical as any bacteria accumulated on your bed or pillow will drastically increase your risk of developing or worsening sleep apnea condition.

5. Other Natural Food sources that help
Experiment with the following foods to help reduce the risk of developing sleep apnea. Some will work better than others so you will need to try various or a combination of these to achieve the results you desire.

Examples of good food sources that may assist:

• Have a cup of Chamomile tea prior to bedtime as the substances found in Chamomile tea helps you to relax and unwind.

• Chew on some walnuts prior to bedtime is good for you as the antioxidants helps you to rest. Namun, it is important to know if you have an allergy to walnuts prior to consumption.

• Cinnamon in boiling water mixed with honey is another good remedy for sleep apnea. Both of these ingredients have a sedative and calming effect and can help you reduce the risk of sleep apnea.

• Chewing on raw garlic may be helpful as these have anti-inflammatory qualities necessary for the treatment of sleep apnea.

• Having a cup of ginger in water helps to treat both sleep apnea and insomnia. These are easily available in powdered forms in sachets and a habit of drinking ginger water mixed with honey can go a long way to treat or reduce sleep apnea conditions.

Finally, your best treatment is to take preventive measures in the first place. Having regular and sufficient sleep is a good place to start. If you do have sleep apnea symptoms, you can start by using a humidifier or steam vaporizer to regulate the moisture in your bedroom. Namun, if your condition does not improve or actually worsens, please seek appropriate treatment from your family or regular doctor.

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